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In a world overhung by the industrial production, high-end consumers routinely challenge architects and interior designers to break the mould. Luxury houses, apartments, hotels, offices, and boutiques are now feeling the need to stand out for tailormade comfort and individual personality, and Made-to-measure objects have finally become emblems of individuality that astonish the beholder and almost throb with personal meaning, making every environment different and unique.

The ability of craftsmen from the Brianza area has fascinated me from a young age. Over time, this craftsmanship has evolved and developed into industrial production. I wanted to invite the architects to rediscover and exploit the unique skills of our master craftsmen. To create products, using the most sophisticated equipment and the finest materials, designed for ambitious and refined people looking for products in which differentiation and uniqueness prevail. Laura Meroni 5 4

Laurameroni exploits the timeless beauty of natural materials transfiguring them with advanced processing techniques. The manual component is an essential feature of our production, as well as the care and originality of details and the innovation and research in the surfaces’ treatments. The result is a production based on a broad and indepth search for excellent raw materials and for unexplored processing techniques, to be understood with a brand new and extremely modern approach. 7 6

Exceptional artisanal skills, resulting from decades of experience and from the mastery of our craftsmen, support the extraordinary creativity of our designers to shape unique metal furniture. Every element contributes to create unique products and spaces, turning the simplest shapes into works of artistic skillful craftsmanship. Carefully selected and embellished through the finest materials, our metal furniture reveals a perfect combination of extreme creativity and skilled production techniques. 9 8

The peculiarity of Brianza’s landscapes, the breadth of horizons, the beautiful views towards the first mountain ridges and the mild climate of Lake Como remind us of the scent of wood, the sawdust clouds scattered on the shop floor and the infinite patience of the artisan, capable of creating unique masterpieces. Laurameroni project was born in this unique land, inspired by the unmatched local craftsmanship. A beautiful Italian region where quality craftsmanship has evolved over time, giving birth to a wonderful combination of tradition and innovation, artisanship, and creative imagination, well bound together by an authentic love for every little detail. Made in Lake Como means made over the centuries. Wherever you go, you find great examples of craftsmanship excellence: the wood district around the city of Cantù, the renowned silk and textile keenness in Como area and the metalworking spearhead of the Lecco area. A precious land keeping up the great, unmatched value of the real Made in Italy tradition. 11 10

EXTRA-ORDINARY PROJECTS Tailor-made Projects where the highly recognizable Laurameroni style meets the most demanding requests to create environments in which differentiation and uniqueness prevail.

NEW DELHI The design of this amazing family home is driven by the overall intent of creating an international and contemporary design in the ever evolving and growing context of modern India. Laurameroni Stars wall panels and integrated doors are exploited by the Architects as key architectural elements thought to connect and tie the house volumes and floors in an extremely artistic way. In the big dining room, our Elemento modular table in Port Laurent marble with crystal cases, is gently bonding the luxurious Statuario marble on the floor to the modern and strong metallic hues of the walls. - Project by Hive India - Photo by S. Thiru 15 14

17 16

Made-to-measure full-height Stars Collection wall panels with integrated hinged door in burnished copper. 19 18

21 20

23 22

Elemento table with custom modules in Port Laurent marble and crystal display cases. Decorative legs in crystal. 25 24

MOSCOW This villa, located in Moscow, is furnished with several Laurameroni products, exploiting the natural beauty of our fine woods and metals. Stars and Decor Wall Panels, Decor Wall Units and Doors, and our Stars Collection Table, define the villa atmosphere in the foyer, in the living room and in the two bedrooms, where every detail marries the architect and client’s requests and tastes. - Project by Art Property Group Ltd 27 26

29 28

Decor wall panels and false ceilings with integrated hinged and sliding doors in carved rosewood and special glossy lacquered wood inserts. Stars dinner table in burnished copper. On the next page, Stars wall panels in burnished copper with inserts in Nubuck leather and integrated cabinet system with glass shelves. 31 30

33 32

Decor wall panels with integrated wall cabinets in glossy lacquered wood. On the next page, Decor wall panels with integrated TV unit in Stopsol glass with glossy lacquered wood inserts. 35 34

37 36

Custom-made TV unit in rosewood with Decor carving. On the right, Decor wall panels with integrated cabinets in glossy lacquered wood and Stars wall panels in burnished copper with Nubuck leather inserts. 39 38

LONDON In this Kensington show flat for Como and Northacre Developments, Laurameroni created custom furniture for the awarded design studio Carden Cunietti. Located in a new edifice built by the award-winning architect Eric Parry, this ultra-lux 5-bedroom penthouse also boasts a fabulous terrace with a magnificent view over the gardens of Kensington Palace. Inspired by the location, Carden Cunietti decided to add to the architectural scheme bold colours, intense materials, and strong textures and to design a fireplace hood clad in metal to perfectly décor the large living room. - Project by Carden Cunietti Ltd 41 40

43 42

Custom Stars day system with cabinet doors in wood clad in satin brass and leather bands. Tailor-made special fireplace hood clad in satin and burnished brass, satin and burnished copper and black iron Cenere with custom design and dimensions. 45 44

HONG KONG A luxury apartment situated in the private housing estate Redhill Peninsula, Hong Kong, is decorated with Laurameroni Stars Collection most iconic pieces: the ST 51 M Table and a custom-made TV unit customized in special dimensions. Laurameroni Design Collection grants a luxury tailor-made service to meet any client’s need and taste. The TV corner solution here presented is a great example of the beautiful goal any professional will be able to achieve thanks to the high versatility of our custom service. - Project by Alfred Lam, LSWhere 47 46

49 48

Made-to-measure Stars low TV cabinet entirely clad in burnished brass. On the right, rectangular Stars table ST 51, with top and legs clad in burnished brass. 51 50

On the left, the Stars ST 51 dining table in custom dimensions with burnished brass bands, recalling the brass hues of the whole house interior design and decor. 53 52

Carefully selected and embellished through the finest metals, Laurameroni Stars Collection products reveal a perfect combination of extreme creativity and skilled production techniques. The choice of the finest brass, copper, steel, and iron, lends light and consistency to our products, creating infinite hues and shades, and giving every professional a one-of-a-kind compositional freedom. 55 54

Stars ST 51 M Table in black iron Cenere. The Stars Collection is customizable in different metal essences to easily match any design need and taste. 57 56

\ PANAMA When it comes to wall panelling, we strongly believe in a perfect fitting and in a complete customization. In this high-end residential apartment located in Coco del Mar Laurameroni collections and custom pieces perfectly marry the architect’s palette, enriching the environment with functional systems, statement pieces of art design and strong materials. Line, Stars, Plain, Onda and Tatami wall panels, a made-to-measure bar and wine corner and a custom console gave the architect the full compositional freedom he needed to meet his client’s needs and tastes. - Project by Mary Calvo - Photo by Tirone Garcia & Maria Victoria Langman 59 58

61 60

On the previous page, our Line pivot door, integrated in the wall panels. Line wall panels in wood with golden channels and lighting. 63 62

Stars Collection wall panels in monochrome burnished brass. On the right, custom console in Cardoso stone. 65 64

67 66

Made to measure table in Cardoso stone matching the small bespoke Bellagio Kitchen details on the back. 69 68

71 70

Made-to-measure bar and wine corner in Plain wood with custom glass-holders, bottle-holders, functional accessories in wood and cabinets in metal. 73 72

On the left, special made-to-measure tall table in Cardoso stone. Line wall panels in wood with golden channels and integrated lighting. 75 74

77 76

Made-to-measure Line Collection wardrobe system in aniline-dyed wood with golden details, integrated hinged door of the same collection, TV system and glass shelves. On the right, Tatami wall panels with bicoloured geometrical decoration in Anodized Bronze and Gold finish. 79 78

Plain blockboard wall panels in precious oak wood with integrated lighting system. 81 80

Onda wall panels in aniline-dyed wood decorating the headboard, embellished with golden profiles. 83 82

85 84

Tatami low sideboard, with decorative pushpull hinged doors, is available in different colour combinations, such as Anodized Bronze and Gold, Silver and Nickel and in the monochrome version. 87 86

NEW YORK The Buddha-Bar in New York, with a YOD Design Lab project, is fully furnished with our Maxima, Stars and Line wall panels and with numerous bespoke and personalized pieces. Like Laurameroni, YOD Design Lab adores the luxurious essence of one-of-akind pieces and personalized furnishings, combined with unusual materials of the highest quality. With this project, the studio wanted to combine experimental solutions and iconic products from leading brands in the interior design scene. The target? create something absolutely unique, without rules or models, and completely tailor-made not only in terms of architecture but also in terms of shapes, colours and materials. - Project by YOD Design Lab - Photo by Andriy Bezuglov 89 88

91 90

Lobby decorated with wenge wood Maxima wall panels, and a custom made cubic reception desk in Maxima Liquid Metal Bronze with insert in polished brushed light bronze. On the next page, Stars wall panels in burnished brass and Line wall panels in Stone Oak wood. 93 92

95 94

Special tailor-made bar counter decorated with Stars metal bands in burnished brass, equipped with leather elbow rests. On the left, the custom-made Stars high consoles in burnished brass. 97 96

99 98

Bathrooms covered with Maxima Liquid Metal light tin finished wall panels and decorated with custom-made rounded mirrors in brass. On the next page, Sushi corner with made-to-measure special Line Collection “Cardoso” marble counter. 101 100

103 102

COMO An amazing Laurameroni ambience project for a luxury private villa in Como, designed by the architect Masiero. A unique and different design perfectly enhancing our products ability to easily integrate with any taste and style, transforming every environment in a luxurious and refined ambience. - Project by Arch. Masiero - Photo by Vincenzo Caccia 105 104

107 106

BD 91 Maxima sideboard, with carved doors and sides covered in Liquid Metal light bronze finish and light bronze legs. Brushed matt lacquered Line wall panels and pivot door integrated into the vertical channels. Margaret padded chairs in nubuck leather with black dyed oak structure. 109 108

Special custom-made bookcase in wood with pushpull doors decorated with Maxima carving Liquid Metal light bronze finish and integrated LED lighting system. BD 161 elliptical table with top décor in Stone Oak crossed veins and legs clad in brass with bronze finish. 111 110

Liquid Metal combines technologically advanced techniques with a patient and precise handcrafted treatment to obtain a modern, gleaming look. This expression describes the process of mixing real metal powder and applying it to the wooden surface. This unique finish is available in tin, bronze and gold 9k: all metals sharing the same shiny beauty. 113 112

Maxima Sideboard BD 91 with Liquid Metal light bronze finish. 115 114

MOSCOW A unique luxury flat located in Moscow historical centre inside the famous “Copper House” by Sergey Scuratov, features, in a total area of 280 sqm, Laurameroni made-to-measure Plain wall panels and day systems. Our custom-made wall panels and integrated wardrobe systems create a unique environment embracing the foyer, the corridors, the living room, and the kitchen, dressing the flat as a beautiful tailor-made suit. A touch of luminous glamour is finally given by our Raja rounded table in solid Calacatta Gold marble. - Project by Tatiana & Dmitry Khoroshev, Lighthouse Group 117 116

119 118

Full-height Plain day wardrobe system with custom measure, shapes, and details. On the right, Plain oak panelling with custom geometrical modules design and integrated sliding door. 121 120

Made-to-measure geometrical Plain panelling in oak. On the left, wall panels with integrated wardrobe system fitting with an irregular surface. Functional and openable doors on the curve panels. 123 122

Raja is a collection of tables completely made of solid marble, with a 3 cm thick top, rounded edges and a two legs base obtained from a single block of marble. 125 124

ST. PETERSBURG Laurameroni bespoke wall panels furnish every room with the same beauty and precision of a haute couture suit. In this modern luxury villa, our Onda and Plain panels in rosewood decorate the walls of the entrance, living room and bedroom, showing the elegance and precision of our integrated systems. The Bellagio Kitchen in plain rosewood, fully equipped, completes the environment with an exclusive touch. - Project by Feinblau Studio, Arch. Vlad Elian Duca 127 126

129 128

Plain wall panels in rosewood with integrated shelving and LED lighting. Onda wall panels in rosewood with horizontal carving. On the right, Bellagio Kitchen in Plain rosewood with retractable doors and integrated systems. 131 130

Plain panelling, hinged door, and freestanding wardrobe in natural rosewood. On the left, Bellagio Kitchen integrated systems in rosewood and glass, mirrored back-panel and LED lighting. 133 132

135 134

The Plain wall panels of the living room in rosewood, combined with the Onda wall panels of the hallway. On the right, the made-to-measure shelving system. 137 136

The design headboard decorated with Plain wall panels in rosewood and an onyx slab. On the left, made-tomeasure Plain wardrobe system, with custom vanity console and two-drawer dresser in rosewood. 139 138

MIAMI Set in a quiet corner of Miami Beach where lake, ocean and waterway meet, the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach offer luxury waterfront living. This amazing penthouse, designed by “I Mobili” brings luxury and creativity to the next level taking great advantage of our made-to-measure service. A contemporary interior architecture, where our Decor, Bamboo and Terre collections give a unique tailormade hint. - Project by I Mobili, Claude Zein and Massimo Giordano - Photo by Norka Haiek 141 140

143 142

Decor wall panels with integrated sliding door in teak wood decorating the walls of the whole day area. 145 144

147 146

Full height made-to-measure Decor wall panels in teak wood covering the walls and the ceilings of the living room in a creative play of depths. 149 148

Double leaf hinged door in white brushed matt lacquered wood with Terre decoration and plain wood profiles, integrated into custom American walnut wall panels. 151 150

Made-to-measure wall panels and integrated sliding door in American walnut with custom carving. 153 152

Bamboo hinged door in white brushed matt lacquered wood with bars in grey-lacquered wood. On the left, Bamboo wall panels and integrated hinged doors in white brushed matt lacquered wood with bars in bluelacquered wood. 155 154

Stars Collection wall panels with integrated custommade door in burnished brass. On the right, the same wall panelling with an integrated Plain hinged door in brushed matt lacquered wood. 157 156

Exceptional artisanal skills, resulting from decades of experience and from the mastery of our craftsmen, support the creativity of our designers to shape unique metal furniture. To us, metal is not just a simple material giving a shiny effect, but rather a high representation of high-quality materials, turning into timeless products. 159 158

ST 50 Desk completely clad in burnished brass and equipped with one drawer. 161 160

\ MIAMI The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Miami Beach, a private property including 111 apartments and 15 villas, bring together exceptional amenities with a modern design. In one of its most exclusive apartments, “I Mobili” designed a fully made-to-measure environment, perfectly decorated with some of our most iconic wall panelling solutions. The Plain and Decor collection of integrated wall panels, doors and wardrobes dress the walls of this beautiful flat with the most precious wood essences, like a tailor-made suit. - Project by I Mobili, Claude Zein and Massimo Giordano - Photo by Norka Haiek 163 162

165 164

Plain wall panels and door in heat-treated oak. Anilinedyed Decor panels with integrated Decor sliding door in rosewood. On the left, made-to-measure Decor wall panels in aniline-dyed wood with integrated sliding door and in rosewood with integrated hinged door. 167 166

Wall panels and double leaf hinged doors in precious rosewood with Decor carving. 169 168

171 170

Made-to measure Decor wardrobe dressing the walls of the hallways, with wall panels and doors of the same collection. 173 172

A detail of the Decor carving on a sliding door, and of the handle carved into the door itself. On the right, Decor wall panels in aniline-dyed wood with integrated Decor sliding door. 175 174

MONZA In this modern and elegant corporate office, the Italian design studio Bartoli Design created a custom solution using our wall panelling, cabinets, and doors systems. Laurameroni offered a tailor-made service where every single element acted in creating a unique and customised ambience. The use of aniline-dyed wood, integrated cabinets and flush doors helped in creating a space with a minimal but rich look without losing comfort and usability. - Project by Bartoli Design - Photo by Vincenzo Caccia 177 176

179 178

Decor carved wall panels in white aniline-dyed wood with integrated ceiling panelling, hinged and sliding doors, and cabinet system. 181 180

Tailor-made elliptical special desk, inspired to BD 161 table, in precious rare elmwood inlaid in diagonal crossing directions. Integrated round unit in rare elmwood featuring curved hinged doors openable on all sides. 183 182

185 184

Plain wall panels in special precious Stone Oak wood with integrated custom metal shelves. On the left, special custom conference room table, inspired to BD 161 table, with diagonal pattern inlaying a special elmwood veneering and oversized leg varnished in brass. 187 186

MUMBAI Altamount Road in Mumbai is one of the most exclusive streets in the world. In this coveted area, the Lodha Altamount building is furnished with our Decor Wall Panels, designed by Bartoli Design. The carved wood perfectly combines with the fine materials used in this project, while the unique surface design is immediately recognizable. - Project by Arch. Rajiv Saini + Associates 189 188

191 190

Decor wall panels in carved oak wood with vertical carving and special custom bookcase with liquid velvet finish. 193 192

Decor wall panels in oak covering the lobby and enhancing the contemporary reception desk in metal. 195 194

KYIV Yodezeen Studio furnished this beautiful apartment in Kyiv, including Laurameroni Elemento Console and Carl Low Table as key elements of design. The overall concept of the space was developed considering the principles of combining elements and textures and was thought to create optical harmony and perfection. The matching materials of this wonderfully planned interior design, such as stone, wood and metal, perfectly welcome two of our most elegant pieces of furniture. - Project by Artem Zverev and Arthur Sharf, Yodezeen - Photo by Andrii Shurpenkov 197 196

199 198

The contemporary and refined atmosphere of the kitchen and of the living room, hosting our Carl coffee table. 201 200

Carl coffee table brass tubular structure conceals a small light at the end illuminating the bronze glass support surface and intersecting with the marble base. 203 202

Elemento Console with modules in special Stone Oak wood and crystal glass cases. 205 204

On the left, Carl Coffee Table with circular tubular structure in satin brass, base in Calacatta Gold marble and bronze glass top. 207 206

The whole apartment was designed to emphasize rounded, harmonic, and contemporary shapes 209 208

Designers are always looking for new materials, to focus on various factors like aesthetics, building strength, sustainability, or environment friendliness. Laurameroni Design Collection is proud to boast a collection of unique, unusual, rare, and top-of-the-range precious woods, in limited availability, to give your environment a real refined touch. Stone Oak Carbone wood or Stone Oak Tobacco wood, Ziricote, Faggio Antico and Siberian Ash, are just a few examples of these unique materials, distinguished by an indisputable aesthetic and artistic value. 211 210

Elemento modular table composed of modules in special Ziricote wood and crystal glass cases. 213 212

HONG KONG A luxury flat in Stanley, Hong Kong, features several Laurameroni freestanding products of the Stars, Maxima, Hug and Margaret Collection and a Swirl chandelier. The finest materials, such as wood, marble, metal and leather, and the most exclusive finishes and textures, combine to produce sophisticated products with a strong identifiability. - Project Alfred Lam, LSWhere 215 214

217 216

Hugs round bedside table with structure in brushed matt lacquered wood and top in smooth Guatemala green marble. On the left, Stars sideboard ST 01 clad in burnished brass. 219 218

Made-to-measure Stars TV low cabinet clad in burnished brass. On the right, BD 07 rounded table with walnut Colore structure and geometrical inlaid top in walnut Colore and wenge wood. Margaret padded chairs in soft nubuck leather with wenge dyed structure. 221 220

Swirl suspended LED lamp made of a thin spiral metal strip and available in pairs or triplets to create movement. On the left, Satellite CG 50 minimal floor lamp in dark oxidised brass. 223 222

Hugs is a set of round low tables characterized by soft lines and a base envelopping the round top. Available in two different dimensions, Hugs low tables can be finished in all RAL colour lacquering or in many different special finishes. Margaret padded chair with wooden structure and with backrest and seat upholstered in customizable leather, fabric, or velvet. Satellite CG 50 floor lamp in dark oxidized brass with a double plug LED bulb. Thanks to its shape, this lamp allows to efficiently direct the light. 225 224

NEW YORK New York is plenty of exclusive and contemporary buildings. The Silver Towers and Rector Place, both placed in Manhattan luxury districts, feature Laurameroni full-height Decor Wall Panels in a special edition. The unique design perfectly fits with the refinement of the area in which the project is expertly inserted, giving strong character through the distinguishing carving. - Project by Kondylis Design & Montanari Group 227 226

229 228

Custom-made Decor wall panels in rosewood with horizontal carving perfectly integrating the elevator doors and details. 231 230

233 232

Decor wall panels in precious rosewood, with horizontal Decor Collection carving. 235 234

237 236

In this wonderful villa in the exclusive Como Lake area, we created an elegant environment fully furnished by Laurameroni. A wonderful combination of classic minimalism and modern design. An amazing view of the lake can be enjoyed through the windows of the villa, comfortably seating on the elegant Alto Piano sofa or on our BD 21 Armchair. COMO 239 238

241 240

BD 07 table with wooden structure and geometrical inlaid top in rosewood and teak. BD 20 padded chair with legs, seat and back covered in red fabric. On the background, Art Collection Limited Edition Intarsia sideboard “Quadratini Magici”. At the left, custom Onda Collection sliding doors in white lacquered wood. 243 242

Stars Collection mirror ST 42 clad in burnished copper. Maxima chest of drawers BD 08 in carved rosewood. On the right, Stars sideboard ST 01 in satin copper, BD 12 table in wenge wood with bronzed brass legs. 245 244

247 246

International artists and designers, exclusively created for Laurameroni original paintings to be reproduced on a sideboard characterized by essential lines. Intarsia Collection revives the local tradition of an ancient technique: the inlay. A product designed to be reproduced only in numbered specimens, signed, and certified by the author and the craftsman. A mosaic created using various types of wood veneers that greatly differ from each other and are patiently matched to reproduce the original painting. 249 248

“Dentro il Paesaggio” Intarsia sideboard by Marcello Jori, produced in a Limited Edition of 21 multiples. 251 250

LUGANO Laurameroni decorated this beautiful private apartment directly facing on Lugano Lake. This wall panelling project was custom created for the client, based on the architect’s design. Laurameroni offers to the most ambitious customers a tailor-made service where every single element acts in creating unique and customised ambiences turning the most linear and simple shapes into works of artistic skilful craftsmanship. - Project by Midek Mingü 253 252

255 254

Made-to-measure hinged and sliding doors in slatted teak wood with custom bronze handles. On the left, Plain day cabinet system with Liquid Metal bronze finish, framing the fireplace, and custom teak windows. 257 256

Custom-made shiny lacquered baseboards. On the right, Golden Calacatta marble panelling with integrated washbasins and integrated units with shiny lacquered custom doors. 259 258

Made-to-measure kitchen with bespoke modules in bronze Amani stone, integrated home appliances, drawers, units, LED lighting and accessories. Doors and drawers’ edges with distinctive double thickness. 261 260

263 262

Decor wall panels with integrated cabinet system and push-pull doors in carved Canaletto walnut, structure and profiles with bronze varnish and bronze niche with LED lighting system. On the left, custom wall panels in lacquered glossy wood with integrated TV. 265 264

\ LUGANO A new classic atmosphere distinguishes this refined apartment in Lugano. The architect made the most of the elegant colonial look of the building through Laurameroni made-to-measure and fully customized Plain wall panels, doors, wardrobes, and architectural details, such as skirting boards. The result is a both classic and modern environment featuring an extremely contemporary and sophisticated look. - Project by Midek Mingü 267 266

269 268

Made-to-measure kitchen with bespoke modules in Piasentina stone. Integrated home appliances, drawers, units, and accessories. Custom-made matching rectangular table in Piasentina stone. 271 270

Made-to-measure Plain white lacquered wood wall panelling with integrated hinged and sliding doors and custom handles. On the left, the bespoke kitchen with integrated doors and matching baseboards. 273 272

Fully integrated Plain walk-in closet system in white lacquered wood with inserts in dark glass and custom handles. On the left, a hidden bar cabinet with lacquered units and marble top and panelling. 275 274

Golden Calacatta marble panelling with integrated washbasins, custom drawers and units in lacquered wood and glass, and integrated marble mirror frame. On the right, hinged door and jamb in lacquered wood. 277 276

\ LONDON A loft in London city centre is showing a masterful use of our made-to-measure Plain wall panelling in oak wood. A unique play of light and shadow and a distinctive use of minimal geometries characterizes this simple but extremely modern environment, where a Bellagio kitchen in grey matt lacquered wood with retractable pocket doors grants a functional and at the same time aesthetic design. - Project by Midek Mingü 279 278

281 280

Plain Collection day system with bookcase, TV cabinet and audio arrangement, integrated to Plain wall panels in oak wood. On the left, Plain wall panels in oak with custom geometrical pattern, integrated jambs and sliding door. On the previous image, fully customized Bellagio kitchen in matt lacquered wood. 283 282

\ LONDON This studio in London, fully furnished by Laurameroni, reflects our aesthetic concept and brand style in a space of refined elegance. This location is the ideal project to show our distinguishing surfaces, to perceive the real value of our products and explore the flexibility of our made to measure systems. Discover our Drapé, Maxima, Line, Terre, and Elements collections. 285 284

287 286

Drapé sofa in hand-draped shiny velvet, ST 21 Stars console in burnished brass and table lamp MA 20 with black nickel structure and shades elements in burnished brass. On the left, Line Collection wall panels in white lacquered oak with gold finish profiles, integrated shelves in brass and wall unit in glass. 289 288

291 290

Decor cabinet system grey aniline-dyed wood with integrated niche in black iron Cenere. Poe desk with top in oak and legs in brushed matt lacquered wood. On the right, Margaret padded chair in oak and shiny velvet and BD 21 armchair with structure in oak and seat in leather. 293 292

Drapery, also known as moulage, is a manual technique with which the fabric is ‘’sculpted‘’ directly on the product, transforming it into a unique, fluid, and perfect creation. Laurameroni is constantly looking for a contemporary and innovative design to be combined with the exceptional skill of the Brianza craftsmen. The historic drapery technique perfectly applies to this corporate vision of researching the new in the history of Italian craftsmanship. 295 294

\ MUNICH In the Hingrise building in Munich, the Reiß & Co. office is dressed in elegance thanks to Laurameroni made-tomeasure Decor and Line panelling and integrated solutions. Laurameroni reconfirms its undisputed ability in the finest woods working, offering an attractive product, a lasting value and a “Beautiful and Well-Made” design. - Project by Brüderl Architektur 297 296

299 298

Decor wall panels in rosewood with integrated TV and audio system, and Line hinged door in rosewood with gold finish profiles. On the left, integrated Line wardrobes system. On the previous page, custom Bellagio Kitchen in rosewood with integrated accessories and niche in Guatemala green marble. 301 300

Line wall panels in rosewood with gold finish profiles fitting the curved and irregular structure of the building. On the right, Decor wall panels in rosewood and integrated shelves with golden metallic finish. 303 302

\ SINGAPORE Laurameroni in collaboration with Co Van Der Horst developed this custom-made furnishing project located in one of the most prestigious residential areas of Singapore. The Penthouse has been completely designed with custom-made cladding and furnishing solutions, wall panels, doors, kitchen, and TV furniture. The soft but warm hues of brass and maple perfectly integrate with the chromatic pattern of the fabrics covering some walls in the living and night areas. - Project by Co Van Der Horst - Photo by Rory Daniel 305 304

307 306

Bespoke TV cabinet system integrated into Decor wall panels in oak and glass shelves. On the right, Plain panelling insert in customer fabric and Maxima sideboard BD 91 with liquid metal bronze finish and top in smooth Gris Vigné marble. 309 308

Terre Collection wall panelling with geometrical slabs in satin brass, wooden profiles, and integrated table in Guatemala green marble. Decor wall panels with custom Plain inserts in fabric. On the right, Decor wall panels with made-to-measure wardrobe system. 311 310

Terre wall panelling with slabs in satin brass and maple wood profiles. On the left, integrated table in Guatemala green marble and Tubo Sospensione MF 40 suspended lamp in satin brass with adjustable lower disc. 313 312

Decor wardrobe system in oak, integrated into custom Plain wall panels in client’s fabric. On the right, Decor wall panelling system in oak and integrated TV cabinet in oak with Maxima carving. 315 314

317 316

\ PANAMA In Panama, Ocean Reef Island, a project by architect Mary Calvo hosts our Decor Wall Panels with integrated TV cabinet and shelves, and various Laurameroni bespoke panelings and furnishings. An ambitious project, with a very elegant atmosphere, combining a masterful use of wood panelling with soft fabrics and touches of bright and modern metal. - Project by Mary Calvo - Photo by Photo by Tirone Garcia 319 318

321 320

Custom-made slatted panelling in American walnut with inserts in marble and integrated sliding door in plain wood. On the left, same slatted panelling with shelves and inserts in burnished brass and glass wall units. 323 322

Slatted panelling in American walnut with integrated shelves in metal-lacquered wood. On the right, madeto-measure bed headboard custom-designed with aniline-dyed oak slats and a plain wood background. 325 324

Slatted headboard in oak and Work Light Sospensione MA 05 suspension lamp. On the left, wall panels, drawers’ unit, and shelving in aniline-dyed oak with Decor carving, integrated TV and audio system and LED lighting. 327 326

Custom special mirror corner, with rounded mirror in brass, integrated into a marble panelling with slatted American walnut wood inserts. 329 328

\ PANAMA Laurameroni Design Collection made-to-measure wall panels and special custom pieces are the perfect solution to furnish both residential and public spaces. In the beautiful lobby of the Windrose Tower, Coco del Mar, the architect opted for our full-height Maxima wall panels, to decorate the entire space with taste and character. A metallic touch of glamor is then given by the Stars Collection reception counter with top in walnut, tailor-made to meet the customer’s design needs. - Project by Mary Calvo - Photo by Maria Victoria Langman 331 330

333 332

On the previous page, custom Stars reception desk in burnished brass with top in Canaletto walnut. Full-height Maxima wall panels in Canaletto walnut perfectly fitting the room’s architectural details. 335 334

337 336

\ PANAMA The Panama Velure Tower entrance hall is covered in our Decor Wall Panels, wisely planned in an elegant oak finish, to perfectly match the simple but colourful environment they are inserted in. The carved surface of our Decor Wall panels underlines once again Laurameroni’s strong vocation for the treatment of the materials and particularly of precious surfaces. Decor panels can be used to decorate luxury environments with distinguishing solutions, immediately recognizable to the observer. Thanks to its minimal and soft elegance, this product can be installed both in private and in public spaces, granting a uniquely refined solution. - Project by Mary Calvo - Photo by Tirone Marcia 339 338

341 340

Decor Collection wall panels in precious oak wood, matching a panelling in white marble. 343 342

Decor Collection wall panels in precious oak wood, integrated to the big windows and matching a custom reception desk in oakwood and black marble. 345 344

\ MILAN An exclusive flat in the city centre, in the Durini Design District. From wall panels and doors to freestanding furniture and lamps, Laurameroni creates environments where every single product is an integral part of a greater luxury scenario. The result is a flat where an artisanal and at the same time artistic style prevails, for a space that can be customized, without renouncing to elegance and high-quality materials. - Project by Bartoli Design - Photo by Vincenzo Caccia 347 346

349 348

Decor wall panels in aniline-dyed oak wood with a custom niche and an integrated hinged door. On the right, full Decor panelling on the ceiling, “Formiche Nere” Intarsia Limited Edition sideboard by Emilio Isgrò and many other Laurameroni freestanding pieces on the background. 351 350

Decor cabinet system with integrated containing units, white Carrara marble niches and glass shelves. On the left, BD 21 armchair with structure in wenge wood and seat in velvet and leather. Satellite CG 50 floor lamp in dark oxidised brass. 353 352

355 354

Decor wall panels with integrated hinged doors in aniline-dyed oak wood. Terre wall panelling in smooth Port Laurent marble and “Inverno” Intarsia Limited Edition sideboard by Fausta Squatriti. On the left, bespoke Bellagio Kitchen with retractable pocket doors and integrated Decor wall panels. Kitchen isle’s modules with Decor carving and backlit display case. 357 356

BD 10 sideboard with rosewood structure, Maxima sculpted front, interior, sides and top in plain wood. Equipped with four hinged doors and two drawers. 359 358

\ MILAN The Fast Fine Dining “Sugo Milano” features a bespoke panelling from the Decor and Plain collection, integrated antiqued mirrors and a counter with decor sculpting and lacquered wood top. The Decor wall panels in teak wood, integrate a LED lighting system and custom-made shelves in metal with an acid-etched iron finish. While the Plain wall panels in lacquered wood integrate, in addition to the metal shelves, a TV system. - Project by Veronica Serioli - Photo by Vincenzo Caccia 361 360

363 362

The dining corner with Teak wood panelling with horizontal Decor carving, smooth Teak wood counter, antiqued mirrors, acid-etched iron shelves and integrated LED lighting. 365 364

Cash desk corner with Plain wall panels in lacquered wood, shelves in acid-etched iron and integrated TV system. Teak wood bench with decor carving and lacquered wood top. 367 366

The iconic Decor collection of doors and panelling boasts infinite customization possibilities. The Decor texture involves the creation of a blade-like carving on a very thick veneer. The grooves, of various lengths and depths, are created with a process that is each time different and unique. 369 368

\ PANAMA Aluxurious penthouse located in Panama, furnished by architect Mary Calvo, offers various tailor-made solutions by Laurameroni. The Line Collection doors and wall panels, and a Plain wardrobe for the night area, are accompanied by new tailor-made projects made on request. An integrated TV system and a modern wine cellar, introducing a glass structure accompanied by décappé oak shelves with a marble worktop, stand out in the design. - Project by Mary Calvo - Photo by Tirone Marcia 371 370

373 372

Plain wall panels in decappé brushed stained oak and integrated glass shelves with brass edges. On the right, Line wall panels in rosewood with horizontal and vertical brass profiles. 375 374

377 376

Made to measure wine cellar with glass doors, structure in decappé brushed stained oak, backdrop with Infinity texture and marble worktop. Custom TV system in decappé brushed stained oak, integrated panels on wall and ceiling, and Stars doors in black iron Cenere. 379 378

Plain wall panels in decappé brushed stained oak and integrated glass shelves with brass edges. On the right, Line wall panels in rosewood with horizontal and vertical brass profiles. 381 380

383 382

MIAMI This Bal Harbour Palace is the perfect combination of simplicity and beauty. The large living area features a system of integrated Plain wall panels and doors, combined with a Bellagio kitchen and custom-designed to accommodate a TV system. In the foyer, Materia Collection chooses a Line wardrobe system integrated with Line wall panels. The Plain made-to-measure system also extends to the made-to-measure bathroom cabinets. - Project by Materia Collection 385 384

387 386

Plain panelling with integrated made to measure wardrobe and sliding door in stained oak. Stars collection decorative panel in black iron “Cenere”. On the right, Plain wall panels and integrated TV system in stained oak. 389 388

Leading to the master bedroom, Line wall panels and integrated Line wardrobe with Fumé Mirror finish. Plain panelling with integrated sliding door in stained oak. 391 390

CROATIA Villa Cypress Hill is an impressive holiday home located in the enchanting Istrian countryside. The modern living room and the four bedrooms feature unique custommade Plain panelling and integrated doors. The simplicity of Plain products is emphasized by the natural beauty of the rare Stone Oak Tobacco fossil wood. In the master bedroom, two Maxima sideboards in Canaletto walnut give the room a touch of three-dimensionality. - STUDY project “E” - Photo by Lucija Lolic, Luminance Studio 393 392

395 394

Plain wall panels in Stone Oak Tobacco with integrated hinged door. BD 13 tall sideboard in Canaletto walnut. On the right, BD 08 sideboard in Canaletto walnut. 397 396

Plain hinged door in Stone Oak Tobacco with custom jamb. In the hallway, made to measure Plain wall panels with integrated hinged doors in oak. 399 398

In the bathrooms, Plain hinged door in Stone Oak Tobacco with custom jamb and made-to-measure cabinet with doors in Canaletto Walnut with Onda carving. 401 400

LUGANO This beautiful apartment - located in Lugano, Swisse - features a perfect blending between contemporary and classic design. The architect chooses vivid colours and bold textures, perfectly marrying a both minimal and pop atmosphere. In this multifaceted environment our Bamboo, Stars and Maxima Collections convey style and uniqueness, modernity and colour. - Project by Salvioni Lugano - Photo by Matteo Maggioni 403 402

405 404

Made to measure matt lacquered Bamboo wall panels and integrated Plain security door in matt lacquered wood. 407 406

409 408

Bamboo wardrobe with 4 hinged doors in matt lacquered wood, decorated with Bamboo elliptical blocks. 411 410

Made to measure Stars sideboard with three hinged doors and top in burnished brass and with wooden base. 413 412

Suspended BD 92 sideboard equipped with two flap doors with Maxima carving and covered in Liquid Metal bronze. Custom shelf in Gris Vigné marble. 415 414

The Bamboo collection involves the processing of a smooth wooden surface and the creation of elliptical decorative channels and blocks. Thanks to the skill of our master craftsmen, even the particular elliptical carvings are painted with precision and meticulousness. 417 416

Bamboo Lounge sideboard in matt black lacquered wood with decorative channels on the four sides and black back-painted glass top. 419 418

MONZA Amodern villa in Monza hosts Laurameroni bespoke panels, doors and bookcases. The Graffiti bookcases in special Stone Oak Tobacco wood, with hinged doors, metal niches and LED lighting, are masterfully combined with a TV panel. A bespoke sideboard in Delabré Bronze and a table with black iron base and Stone Oak top complete the fully customized furnishings. - Project by Alessandro Agrati Stile - Photo by Vincenzo Caccia 421 420

423 422

Custom TV panel in Stone Oak Tabacco. On the right, Graffiti bookcase in Stone Oak Tabacco with hinged doors, black iron niches, back-panel in Delabré Bronze and integrated LED lighting. 425 424

Custom sideboard with structure and hinged doors in Delabré Bronze. Graffiti bookcase in Stone Oak Tabacco with hinged doors, backdrop in Delabré Bronze and integrated LED lighting. 427 426

429 428

The Graffiti bookcase in Stone Oak Tabacco equipped with hinged doors to masterfully cover the radiator. On the left, Graffiti bookcase and back-panel in Stone Oak Tabacco with integrated marble fireplace. 431 430

433 432

\ BRUSSELS Discover luxury in the heart of Brussels with an exquisite apartment featuring Laurameroni Stars collection. The made to measure living, bar and sleeping areas showcase meticulous craftsmanship with alternating of burnished brass and Black Iron Cenere, creating a modern and timeless ambiance. - Project by Isabel Gómez Studio 435 434

437 436

Custom Stars cabinet system and wall panels in burnished brass. Integrated door in the same finish. Made to measure niches in wenge wood. 439 438

Stars collection drawers in burnished brass integrated into the kitchen bar island. Stars day system with doors in the same finish. Custom niches in wenge. 441 440

Made to measure wall panels with TV arrangements in Black Iron Cenere. Custom Stars chest of drawers and wardrobes in Black Iron Cenere; interior in wenge wood. 443 442

An unusual sequence of 1 mm thick metal strips, meticolously applied by hand onto a wooden surfacen, characterizes the surface of the Stars collection. The clean, elegant and geometric lines are inspired by Op Art and its vibrant and captivating motifs. 445 444

ST 12 Stars Collection sideboard with two doors and legs in Black Iron Cenere. Interiors and top in wenge wood. 447 446

EXTRA-ORDINARY SPACES Our showroom is an invitation to encounter the essence of Laurameroni – a tactile journey through the artistry of bespoke furnishings and unique materials. Experience the Laurameroni feeling and let our professionals guide you on a path of design perfection. Your journey into the extra-ordinary begins here. 449 448

Embark on a new sensory experience and immerse yourself in luxury at our new showroom - a haven where innovation meets elegance to discover the art of refined living. The showroom offers a kitchen, a dining room, a conference room and a movie room, crowned by the exclusive experience of a one-of-a-kind materials library. Join us at our showroom and witness the epitome of elegance in every detail – an invitation to enhance your design with the finest in luxury furnishings. 451 450

An immersive space to experience the Laurameroni allure in all its facets. Immerse yourself in the allure of sophistication and discover the perfect pieces to elevate your design. An exclusive collection of meticulously crafted furniture, where timeless design meets unparalleled comfort. 453 452

In our Showroom, each piece is a testament to the fusion of innovation and craftsmanship, meticulously crafted to elevate any high-end project. Elevate your space to new heights of sophistication as you explore the mesmerizing textures and intricate designs Laurameroni, redefining modern elegance. A kitchen, a dining room, a conference room and a movie room, crowned by the exclusive experience of a one-of-a-kind materials library. 455 454

Laurameroni lives creativity like never before, crafting your desires and ensuring a valuable, beautiful, and well-made solution. To all professionals always looking for inspiration and creative freedom, we offer a unique service for the creation of custom-made furniture and environments. The handcrafted manufacture of our furnishings and accessories allows a design flexibility that only the hands of a craftsman can give, while our wide range of high-quality raw materials, as well as exclusive textures, manufacturing, and decorations, will allow you to create a customized piece based on your needs. 457 456

\ 176 104 370 392 116 284 360 126 434 188 330 346 214 266 448 88 140 196 238 226 162 304 MONZA COMO PANAMA CROATIA MOSKOW LONDON MILAN ST. PETERSBURG BRUSSELS MUMBAI PANAMA MILAN HONG KONG LUGANO LAURAMERONI NEW YORK MIAMI KYIV COMO NEW YORK MIAMI SINGAPORE - Project by Bartoli Design - Project by by Arch. Masiero - Project by Mary Calvo - Project by STUDY project “E” - Project by Tatiana & Dmitry Khoroshev Lighthouse Group - Project by Laurameroni - Project by Veronica Serioli - Project by Carden Cunietti Ltd - Project by Isabel Gómez Studio - Project by Mary Calvo - Project by Bartoli Design - Project by Arch. Rajiv Saini + Associates - Project by Alfred Lam, LSWhere - Project by Midek Mingü Experience Center - Project by Alessandro Agrati Stile - Project by YOD Design Lab - Project by I Mobili, Claude Zein and Massimo Giordano - Project by Artem Zverev and Arthur Sharf, Yodezeen - Project by Laurameroni - Project by Kondylis Design & Montanari Group - Project by I Mobili, Claude Zein and Massimo Giordano - Project by Co Van Der Horst 46 HONG KONG - Project by Alfred Lam, LSWhere 40 LONDON - Project by Carden Cunietti Ltd 278 LONDON - Project by Midek Mingü 252 LUGANO - Project by Midek Mingü 402 LUGANO - Project by Salvioni Lugano 384 MIAMI - Project by Materia Collection 420 MONZA - Project by Alessandro Agrati Stile 26 MOSKOW - Project by Art Property Group Ltd 296 MUNICH - Project by Brüderl Architektur 14 NEW DELHI - Project by Hive India 58 PANAMA - Project by Mary Calvo 318 PANAMA - Project by Mary Calvo 338 PANAMA - Project by Mary Calvo

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