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A tree. A tree that plunges its roots into the land from which it was born and that, simultaneously, stretches its branches out to the world. This is how the sculptor Eduardo Chillida described the relationship that he and his works of art had with the Basque Country and the rest of the world. At Treku, we design and manufacture home furniture. We extract raw materials from nature, always in a respectful way, and transform it into designer furniture. Timeless. Universal. And we do this just a stone’s throw away from our own home. Now, we are following on the path forged by our grandfather in 1947, with our roots in our land and our arms open to more than 50 countries. Always open. Treku Magazine Zarautz: the place / Of whales and furniture / How Aldabaldetreku became Treku / Collections: Lauki, Aura, Kai, Tables & Bel. I S S U E 0 1