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VitrA’s “Design for All”Approach Every year VitrA delivers thousands of products to customers all around the world. From WC pans to sinks, bathroom furniture to bathtubs and tiles, VitrA offers users and professionals every product they need. VitrA believes that every user deserves the same level of comfort in the bathroom. We embrace Design for All principles in our design process to ensure that our bathrooms achieve this by adapting to people’s evolving needs throughout their lives. Accessible, Safe, Functional, Respectful bathroom design is the core of our approach. An ageing population is driving the demand for innovative solutions that support independence at home for people living with long-term conditions or disabilities. This guide aims to raise awareness about what makes bathrooms accessible and adaptable and to suggest inclusive and aesthetically pleasing solutions that address specific needs without stigmatizing anyone. The following insights are the result of a collaboration between VitrA and Lab4living based in the Art and Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University . Findings have been drawn from a number of research projects that consider the changing role and function of the bathroom as populations age and their needs and desires evolve. VitrA’s goal is to create a better bathroom experience for everyone: now and in the future. Prepared by VitrA in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University Lab4Living. LAB 4 LIVING