INFINITI-Post-2022 #2

June 2022 N 0 2 02-03 Tondina Slim Tondina Fat 04-05 Sit around the words 06-07 Úti Rope FelucaOrganic 08 New fabrics and catalogues KRAM BY THOMAS PEDERSEN WASHINGTON D.C. N 38° 53′ 42" W 77° 02′ 12" In every corner of the world, you can find culture, wisdom and tradition dating back thousands of years. infiniti has humbly searched for them in the most diverse proverbs and phrases of cultures that are distant from each other… But essentially very similar and definitely ‘close’, because in the world ‘diversity’ is only apparent. “Relax. Your heart is stronger than what you think” YOKO ONO

Tondina Slim Design: Favaretto&Partners Tradition and innovation come together in Tondina Slim, a fully perforated chair with or without armrests designed by Favaretto&Partners. The latest addition to the Tondina family is distinguished by an unmistakable openwork texture, which recalls the traditional weave of the 1950s reinterpreted in a more contemporary version. A painted rod frame and a wide range of colours and the micro-perforated seat and backrest make Tondina Slim an ideal chair for furnishing outdoor spaces with harmony. Tondina Fat Design: Favaretto&Partners Tondina Fat is versatile and can be adapted to many contexts, from elegant dining rooms to offices and waiting areas. The wide range of fabrics and colors available, combined with numerous frame finishes, allow for countless unusual combinations. The Tondina Fat collection consists of a small armchair with or without armrests, and a stool in bar and kitchen heights. The rounded shapes of the new armchair recall those of the chair of the same name, and wink at the models of the past, with the addition of contemporary design and materials. The frame, strengthened by a new 22 mm rod, delicately supports the seat and backrest; the latter have a generous 6 cm padding, which invites you to sit down and gives the seat a well-proportioned and welcoming look. The Tondina family, designed by Favaretto&Partners, fills with elegance and comfort with the arrival of Tondina Fat, which will be officially presented at the next Salone del Mobile. June 2022 03 02

LOOP MONO BY CLAUS BREINHOLT JOHANNESBURG 26°12′16″S 28°2′44″E ROUND&ROUND BY OLEG PUGACHEV MADRID 40°25′N 3°43′W CANOVA WOOD BY CLAUS BREINHOLT FLORENCE 43°46′17″N 11°15′15″E "What an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see standing up" AFRICAN PROVERB “Barriga llena, corazón contento” REFRÁN POPULAR “Il fine giustifica i mezzi” NICCOLÒ MACHIAVELLI June 2022 05 04

Úti Rope Design: mC.dsg Since its creation, Úti has always been described as a chair with an industrial vocation, perfect for outdoor environments and verandas, with essential but functional shapes, now improved by “marine” rope. The new Rope version takes on a Mediterranean mood, with a tribute reminiscent of the Bel Paese: the painted iron frame is covered with an elegant and dense network of rope, available in different colours, which can wrap around just the seat or also the backrest. Úti Rope is available with or without armrests, and its comfort is amplified by the tension of the rope weaves, which are waterproof and can be used in outdoor contexts. Feluca Organic Design: BrogliatoTraverso In this new version, the frame is made of solid natural or black-stained ash, while the seat and backrest are made of coloured polypropylene in vivid nuances. A paradigm shift that adds wonder and amazement: the material warmth of the wood, which dresses a chair with gentle, human-sized forms, further enhances the vibrant colour of the polypropylene, for a play of contrasts and harmony that surprises and intrigues. The Feluca family expands and welcomes the new Organic version in solid wood. The chair’s silhouette remains the same as its predecessors, with an elegantly elliptical frame on which the seat and backrest rest delicately, without visible hooks. Feluca presents new colour combinations: dove grey, yellow ochre, cane green, coral red, for a colour combination of plastic and frame that does not go unnoticed. Feluca Pop NEW COLORS June 2022 07 06

The first bi-elastic fire retardant fabricmade in Italy is indoor and outdoor. B-cheworiginatewith this premise: eco-sustainable, recycled and recyclable made out of recycled PET. Ethical, multifaceted, b-chewcan adapt to any shape, emphasizing the infinite design possibilities it allows. Step is unique in both texture and performance. With its delicate surface, Step is perceived as vivid and interesting. The texture with the fire-resistant Trevira CS yarn ensures that the fabric is suited for use in environments with high fire safety and durability requirements. There’s something quite sensuous about Step Melange which, with its two nuances, makes the eyes explore and the hands wander over the voluminous fabric which has proved its strength and durability from the day it was first launched – a durability which, with its updated unique colour palette, is an indication of the decor of the future. B-Chew Trio Step Step Melange New Fabrics Almost Icons Catalogue 2022 Outdoor Catalogue 2022 08