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Jit Design: Gregorio Facco The round and square tops, as well as the wide range of finishes available for indoors and outdoors, make this collection extremely versatile and essential, suitable for furnishing both horeca contexts such as bars, restaurants and cafeterias, and workplaces as practical support in lounge and waiting areas. Jit is available with two different types of base: with three legs on the ground, with fixed or adjustable feet in three heights, or with a pyramid base, in bar or kitchen height and with an optional reclining top mechanism; in this version, horizontal “nesting” stacking is possible. The Jit collection was created with simple yet functional shapes in mind. A generously sized steel tube frame is interpenetrated with an additional curved circular section, which seems to rest gently on itself. Waffle Design: Favaretto&Partners The design concept of Waffle plays with the squared perimeter of the structure, perfect to be combined with other armchairs and sofas of the same family, guaranteeing extreme compositional freedom. In any environment it is possible to combine them in an elegant play of compositions, ensuring a clean and formal style as well as infinite seating modules. In the sofa version, the connection point between the two cushions is occupied by a discreet plastic spacer, which is prepared for electrification. Waffle blends perfectly into all living spaces thanks to its clear lines and simple design, whether in executive offices, hotels, meeting rooms, co-working spaces or waiting rooms. The Waffle collection, from the outside, presents a cubic shape and regular, precise geometric forms. The inside, however, reveals a softly contoured upholstery that welcomes in a surprising embrace. The black or white frame and the wide range of upholstery available guarantee a timeless look, mixing the elegance of coloured fabrics with the industrial character provided by the square shapes and metal legs. Carefully calculated measurements enhance communication and comfort. The modularity of this upholstered seating system is inherent in the design of the project: in both versions, sides, backrest and cushion are designed as single elements and can be purchased separately and assembled through a quick coupling system. October 2022 03 02

LOOP MONO BY CLAUS BREINHOLT In every corner of the world, you can find culture, wisdom and tradition dating back thousands of years. infiniti has humbly searched for them in the most diverse proverbs and phrases of cultures that are distant from each other... but essentially very similar and definitely ‘close’, because in the world ‘diversity’ is only apparent. CANOVA WOOD BY CLAUS BREINHOLT ROUND&ROUND BY OLEG PUGACHEV "Barriga llena, corazón contento" REFRÁN POPULAR "Il fine giustifica i mezzi" NICCOLÒ MACHIAVELLI "What an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see standing up" AFRICAN PROVERB "Relax. Your heart is stronger than what you think" YOKO ONO KRAM BY THOMAS PEDERSEN JOHANNESBURG 26°12′16″S 28°2′44″E MADRID 40°25′N 3°43′W FIRENZE 43°46′17″N 11°15′15″E WASHINGTON D.C. 38°54'17"N 77°00'59"W HAMBURG 53°33′00″N 10°00′00″E "Willst Du glücklich leben? Reise mit zwei Taschen, eine um zu geben, die andere um etwas zu erhalten" J.W. GOETHE SICLA BY CLAUS BREINHOLT October 2022 05 04

The Relief family is getting bigger! Sicla Edu Design: Claus Breinholt Record Meeting Design: mC.dsg Sicla Edu keeps the wide colour palette of the collection already available, and the new version is ideal for schools, multi-purpose classrooms, meetings, conferences and other multiple destinations. The sinuous and comfortable monoshell, with a distinctive rib on the back, is combined with a 5-star swivel base and an orbital support that holds a practical writing tablet. Record Meeting reflects the ideal characteristics of a conference table: elegant, minimal and clean, with an interesting twist given by the intersection of legs and footrest. From now on, it will also be available with the electrification provision, placed in the centre of the table; a perfect solution for business, essential in meeting and conference rooms. Relief Design: Favaretto&Partners Designed for contract environments and therefore extremely flexible, Relief expands its family to meet every application in countless living segments, without altering its original character that combines a visible purity of features with a strong component of functionality. The large Sicla family, designed by Claus Breinholt, is now joined by the new Educational version. Initially composed of 6 elements, the range now counts 18, capable of furnishing complete and complex environments with a refined and formal style. In addition to the minimal and original coloured polypropylene shell with relief between the seat and backrest, it is always possible to choose a fully upholstered version or only the upholstered seat panel. Relief 4 legs bar stool Relief sled bar stool Relief 4 stars updown with arms Relief sled with tablet Relief 4 legs kitchen stool Relief swivel with castors with arms Relief Edu 5 stars Relief sled kitchen stool Relief sled with arms Relief 4 legs open arms October 2022 07 06

Safire’s coarse surface structure gives a subtle handwoven appearance that is both unique and dynamic, adding a special and unique dimension to this upholstery fabric. The thick boucle and chenille yarns contribute to its wooly handle and soft appeal but also gives a vibrant two-tone effect. The colour palette includes both quiet natural shades and strong, bold combinations. 25/29 October · Cologne, Germany Hal l 10.02 · Stand L.002 BETTER 2GETHER Almost Icons Catalogue 2022 New Fabric Safire 08