Product type Structure Cording Padded belting Net Cushions Top Sofa and coffee table. Powder-coated stainless steel. Double-twisted polyester or acrylic cording, 7-millimetre diameter with a cotton-like finish. Tough and resilient. All cording is mounted on the furniture by hand. Double-twisted bicoloured polyester yarn with a mélange effect. The padding is breathable, comfortable polyester fibre. All belting is mounted on the furniture by hand. Batyline structural fabric. Standard or hydro-draining. Natural stone or high-pressure laminate in the colour Grey. SPOOL 003 sofa Finishes: structure SMOKE, cord GREY. Fabric: DEWT27 STEEL Cushions: DEWT36 MOLE, DEW T37 GUN. SPOOL 006 coffee table Finishes: structure SMOKE, top LUNA STONE. 1-seater sofa 005 coffee table 2-seater sofa 006 coffee table 3-seater sofa PIPER ↗ 134 ASPIC ↗ 038 ORSON ↗ 272 BERNARDO ↗ 088 TINT ↗ 380 Suggested product combinations Technical information and materials ↗ 433 Collection Overview 114 Spool 115