Product type Structure Dining-table top Side-table top Dining table and side table. Teak. Exposure to the weather creates an oxidation patina, one or two millimetres deep, on the wood surface, making it fade to a silver-grey colour. This change does not affect its original characteristics in any way. The grey patina can be avoided or removed by specific maintenance. Teak or high-pressure laminate in the colour Grey. Natural stone, high-pressure laminate in the colour Grey or glazed stoneware. 120 ROOT 003 table Finishes: structure TEAK, top HPL GREY. ↗ PRODUCTS MATCH ORSON 001 director chair Finishes: structure TEAK, batyline BROWN. Technical information and materials ↗ 433 001 table 045 side table 046 side table 067 side table 003 table Root 121 HARP ↗ 258 ORSON ↗ 272 NETWORK ↗ 160 NAP ↗ 222 Suggested product combinations Collection Overview BASKET ↗ 202