LAZE 005 sofa Finishes: structure MILK, cord SAND. Fabric: ECO C04 RUST. Cushions: ECO C04 RUST, SHORE S23 SAND. 001 lounge chair 002 lounge chair high backrest 003 rocking chair 004 stool 005 sofa Product type Structure Cord Cushions Lounge-chair, lounge chair with high backrest, rocking chair, stool and sofa. Powder-coated stainless steel. Double-twisted polyester or acrylic cording with a cotton-like finish. Tough and resilient, 7-millimetre diameter. All cording is mounted on the furniture by hand. Standard or hydro-draining. Lounge-chairs and rocking chair come with seat + back cushion, or seat cushion only. Laze MISTRAL ↗ 174 PIPER ↗ 134 TINT ↗ 380 ROOT ↗ 116 Suggested product combinations Technical information and materials ↗ 423 Collection Overview ↗ COMPLEMENTS PILLOW 001 and 002 lantern Finish: structure TEAK, canatex SAND. 132 133 PILLOW ↗ 388