ARENA 001 daybed Finishes: structure SMOKE, padded belt GREY-SAND. Fabric: OXFORD G03 RUST. Cushions: ECO C04 RUST, OXFORD G03 RUST. Product type Structure Support Seat cushion Decorative back cushions Daybed. Can be twinned to make a tête-à-tête. Powder-coated stainless steel. Padded belting of double-twisted bicoloured polyester yarn with a mélange effect. The padding is breathable, comfortable polyester fibre. Standard or hydro-draining. Optimal comfort and aesthetics are given by three 50 x 50 centimetre plus three 60 x 60 centimetre cushions. 215 214 001 daybed Arena BERNARDO ↗ 088 DOUBLE ↗ 356 PIPER ↗ 134 PILLOW ↗ 388 Suggested product combinations Technical information and materials ↗ 416 Collection Overview