Product type Structure Net Power supply Light temperature Outdoor lantern. Teak. Exposure to the weather creates an oxidation patina, one or two millimetres deep, on the wood surface, making it fade to a silver-grey colour. This change does not affect its original characteristics in any way. The grey patina can be avoided or removed by specific maintenance. Canatex. Rechargeable battery with power cable. A 4-hour charge offers 6 to 8 hours of light. On-off switch, colour tuning and intensity selection are activated by touch control or app. Dynamic-white LED technology offers intermediate temperatures of light from 3,000 degrees Kelvin (warm white) to 4,000 Kelvin (cool white). 390 391 002 lantern 001 lantern Pillow Technical information and materials ↗ 429 Collection Overview PILLOW 002 lantern Finishes: structure TEAK, canatex SAND.