LEVANTE 009 sunlounger Finish: structure TEAK. DOUBLE ↗ 356 STORK ↗ 066 TRIPTYQUE ↗ 384 Suggested product combinations 001 armchair 012 coffee table 013 coffee table 007 lounge chair 008 chaise longue 102 sofa 103 sofa 022 table 030 table Product type Structure Top Cushions Sofa, coffee table, dining chair with arms, lounge chair, chaise longue, dining table and reclining sunlounger. Teak. Exposure to the weather creates an oxidation patina, one or two millimetres deep, on the wood surface, making it fade to a silver-grey colour. This change does not affect its original characteristics in any way. The grey patina can be avoided or removed by specific maintenance. Slatted teak. Standard or hydro-draining. Technical information and materials ↗ 424 Collection Overview Levante 065 064 ORSON ↗ 272 009 sunlounger 010 service table