HARP ↗ 258 LAZE ↗ 122 TRIPTYQUE ↗ 384 BERNARDO ↗ 088 DOUBLE ↗ 356 PILLOW ↗ 388 Suggested product combinations Modular sofa and coffee table. Weather-resistant whitened teak and Batyline. Powder-coated stainless-steel frame stretched either with Batyline or padded belting of double-twisted bicoloured polyester yarn with a mélange effect. Standard or hydro-draining. Weather-resistant whitened teak slats or natural stone. Product type Seating structure Backrest structure Cushions Tops Eden 2-seater sofa padded belt back 3-seater sofa padded belt back hexagonal sofa padded belt back 001 module 020 coffee table 220 coffee table 002 module 003 module 004 hexagonal module 2-seater sofa batyline back 3-seater sofa batyline back hexagonal sofa batyline back Technical information and materials ↗ 420 Collection Overview 086 087 EDEN hexagonal sofa 004 module + 2 × 211 backrest Finishes: structure WRWHITE TEAK, backrest SMOKE + padded belt GREY-BLUE. Fabric: OXFORD G04 PEACOCK. ↗ PRODUCTS MATCH BERNARDO 353 side table Finishes: structure and top SMOKE, base SIMPLONWHITE stone. The upholstered sofas and components feature generous, deep seating. The unusual hexagonal module forms a corner like an inviting island. Single, double or triple backrests make the composition aesthetically dynamic with solids and voids. Divani e componenti imbottiti hanno sedute ampie e profonde e l’originale modulo esagonale forma un angolo che è come un’isola accogliente. Gli schienali, inoltre, possono essere posizionati a piacimento: singoli, doppi o tripli, dinamizzano le composizioni da un punto di vista estetico, tra pieni e vuoti.